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Welcome to the NLSS Jargon Etymologies WikiEdit

This wiki records the many colourful phrases that originate from the NLSS and the activity of Northernlion and the Crew.

Complete list of memes
69 - Alright - Amy Law - Big McLargeHuge - Brandon The Fish - Castle/Second Castle - Danica Patrick Ghosted - Docking - Hi - How many questions? - I'm a ... - JSmith Town - Just The Sausage Please - Lbody - Lion's Law - Mom's Spagetti - Monster Time Boardgame - Raise your Dongers - Return the Slab - Ryab - Scum - Serving Sarah Silverman - Shots Fired - Steve Harwell - Thanks - Throwing - You's a Bitch - Fred Durst - Marfle_Pop - Maize
Ultimate Chicken Horse Terms
Murph - Stammer - Cuisin'd - Glue Collusion - Protest Bomb - Extrude Meta -

The CrewEdit

Northernlion 3
Northernlion in Only in Korea - Alice's Letter.
Profile: Template:Profile
Style: Let's Players
Date Joined: 30 May 2006
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 570,000*
Videos: [[Category:Videos by Northernlion|5,383]] 5,383*
Schedule: Daily
Status: Active
T0v90afnjkrxxhbmfrcb reasonably small
RockLeeSmile's twitter picture.
Profile: Template:Profile
Style: First Impressions
Date Joined: 7 August 2006
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 78,000*
Videos: [[Category:Videos by RockLeeSmile|2,800]] 2,800*
Schedule: 27 May 2014
Status: Active
An image of JSmithOTI seen on his Twitter account and the Saving Progress forums.
Profile: Template:Profile
Style: Let's Player
Date Joined: 27 April 2012
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 30,000*
Videos: [[Category:Videos by JSmithOTI|1,000]] 1,000*
Schedule: September 24, 2013
Status: Active
michaelalfox, replying to JSmithOTI's request for "boobs plz" during a Saving Progress podcast recording.[1]
Profile: Template:Profile
Style: Let's Players
Date Joined: 13 March 2010
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 28,000*
Videos: [[Category:Videos by Michaelalfox|470]] 470*
Schedule: October 22, 2012
Status: Active

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Kate, Baertaffy, Alpacapatrol, RedPandaGamer, Ryuka, Arumba, Emerson, Ohmwrecker, Crazymike, Mar, Indeimau, Mathasgames, Jetpork, Dracula Fetus, Ricky Mountain, PlayerUno, Green9090

This is a list of memes that are to be covered. Please add/remove from as appropriately seen.

power suit, salty, liondongers, why do we fall master wayne, roll fizzlebeef, dingdong/dongle/dingle, ya-ha, babbage, dog face (no space), ladies love larkin/larson, new meta, mad cuz you're bad, the real northernlion, hating RPG, #malf, Swedish Pizza, terlet

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