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Welcome to the NLSS Jargon Etymologies WikiEdit

This wiki records the many colourful phrases that originate from the NLSS and the activity of Northernlion and the Crew. Formatting should be as such:

1. Name of meme.

2. Meaning and origin of meme.

3. If possible, stream in which meme originated from.

Describe your topicEdit

This is a editable list of memes that are to be covered. Please add as appropriately seen. I literally just scrolled through the previous pages of the NLSScirclejerk reddit and added the names along.

power suit, lbody, docking; castle/2nd castle; 69; salty; alright; liondongers; why do we fall master wayne; throwing; roll fizzlebeef; shots fired; dingdong/dongle/dingle; ya-ha; up down all around welcome to the jsmith town; scum, babbage, dongers, dogfacenospace, ladies love larkin/larson, danica patrick, new meta, shots fired, fuck your ads, mad cuz you're bad, how many questions are there, the real northernlion, hating RPG, #malf, just the sausage please; Reciting "Wild Wild West" lyrics


Latest activityEdit

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