Let's Look At Zafehouse Diaries! PC29:21

Let's Look At Zafehouse Diaries! PC

Steve Harwell is the lead singer of the quintessential '90s band Smash Mouth. Both Northernlion and his fans love the man for his amazing contributions to music, like "All-Star", "Walkin' on the Sun" and that cover of "I'm A Believer," you know, that one from Toy Story 2. And let's not forget, "Pacific Coast Party".

Northernlion has gone on several Smash Mouth rants. A notable inclusion of Steve Hawell is in the Let's Look At of Zafehouse: Diaries (at awwright, go to 3:48).

A notable winner of NL's contests is the Twitter user @TheSteveHarwell.

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