Northernlion and friends consistently implore: "please, don't throw."

NL throws

Northernlion throwing, as usual.


The phrase or act of "throwing" or "to throw" refers to self-sabotage to prevent or prolong an set goal or victory condition. 


During the SpeedRunners craze, YouTube commentators seemed to imply that Ryan, Josh and Nick were intentionally ruining their Spelunky runs (i.e. throwing) to play more SpeedRunners. They denied it, but we all know what was going on. 


The lionThrow emote as seen in the Twitch-chat.

Eventually, Ryan got us all a lionThrow emoticon, so we all can inform him that we know he's throwing for SpeedRunners, which is just as relevant even when SpeedRunners isn't in the !dockit.


Ryan and crew have re-purposed the phrase into different versions in conversation during the NLSS.

More recently the phrase. "Don't Throw"